So much good news this year!

Blades is a year old now; and, it’s having a hell of a birthday party.

The book just won the bronze medal in the 2014 Florida Book Awards poetry category.

The Hopkins Review offered a rave review in its new issue:

“These poems show a poet who lives as vividly as she writes, dancing with cowboys, drinking 40s, singing and loving, all while holding her country up to the light, scrutinizing its incongruities, critiquing its injustices, reveling in its pleasures… For their music, for their recklessness, for their restlessness, her poems are insane and insanely her own. There is no one writing like Erica Dawson.”

You can read the entire review online at Project Muse.

And, to ice the cake, Sherman Alexie chose a new poem, “Slow-Wave Sleep with a Fairy Tale” for Best American Poetry 2015.